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brooklyn to west

Pinterest is an amazing place. I am always finding the most beautiful images, products, places and people. I just happened upon Brooklyn to West. Ariele is an inspiring and talented woman working out of New York. She lays claim to any tool and can create beauty out of anything she touches no matter if it is wood, metal, fabric or feather. I was especially drawn to her studio space. It reflects the calculated chaos of being a maker of all things true. To find out more about Ariele and her projects and journey go here. 

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Stumbled across this site ‘official mfg. co.’and fell head over heels in infatuation with –well-everything that they do.Here is a taste:Invites they designed for Spirit of 77, Ace Hotel Portland, Olympic Provisions & Clyde Common “Holiday” Party. Letterpressed fronts, stamped envelopes.check them out here

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sandal witch

I am giving you a bit of fashion to end our week. Happy Friday! I found Rachel Corry, shoemaker through Refinery29 and fell in love with her space and her shoes.All of her shoes are hand made in her cabin in Bolina, Ca. Simple, clean and great for summertime fun. She found her space on craigslist and has created a beautiful and inspiring studio away from the busy city life of San Francisco. (photo by Michelle Drewes) (photo by Michelle Drewes)

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