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HGTV “Design Happens” loves camp

For those who believe Saturday mornings are meant for yard sales, not sleeping in…who re-sort their recyling for “upcycling” possibilities…who have a special place in their heart for old houses…and see rust marks as a sign of beauty, not deterioration…you’ll love our editors’ “What We’re Reading” design book picks for August. check it out:

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guns. porn. knives, smelly men. and the best antiques EVER.

“the worst flea market in the world.”is what some call the Prague flea (the one out by the airport). its filthy.no stalls, just tarps on the muddy ground heaping with picker’s offerings.lots of war collectibles, weapons and (eeeeww) bad 70s Czech porn mags.the air smells of body odor mixed with uncooked meat, and exhaust fumes. (it is in a gravel and mud parking lot surrounded by abandoned factory buildings) upon entering, you have to pass thru rows and rows of shacks hawking socks, broken tvs and dirty plastic toys. noone speaks english.nobody will accept dollars, euro or pounds. (god forbid…

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