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Friends with Benefits.

AKA: friends with cameras. Meet Garrett Cornelison. Again. When he rolled in with the ‘why we rescue’ crew of Theron Humphrey and maddie the coonhound recently, he captured some sweet little moments of Charlie. This type of bartering rooms-for-art is what we are all about. Our door is always open to ya’ll!   garret and a shot he got the night he shot these charlie images.a storm rolled in over the lake….

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MADDIE the coonhound becomes a Wandawega Camper…

Some shots from GARRETT CORNELISON and THERON HUMPHREY of ‘This wild idea’ check out his amazing book ‘maddie on things’ Maddie in Charlie’s high chair in the camp kitchen (having a rat for breakfast) and… Maddie on the dock this morning at sunrise. (Be still my heart)   Morning on the lake…. Garrett did this self portrait for instagram’s call for folks to send in new headshots of themselves. My mother painted this portrait of Abe when she was 16. We found it 50 years later when we were cleaning out my grandmother’s attic. Abe now hangs in the card room at camp. Stay tuned….

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to those who MAKE and INSPIRE

sometimes you meet folks who are so gifted and productive in life that they make you feel like you are standing still. (how do they manage have families, a social life, and open up businesses before even hitting 30?) shops like fleur. buckshot sonny’s. the indo projects. stone blitzer. sparrow. threefold. goodbeerhunting. the green bean. post27. the post family. winter session.  bladon conner. suitorlife. land and sea dept.(far too many to continue listing, so i’ll have to do another series of posts on inspirational folks that we love) it blows my mind.and motivates the hell out of me to get off the couch. we’ve been blessed with…

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from StyleSeek’s post on the retreat: “A few weekends ago our Creative Director Ryan Plett got a diverse group of photographers together and took them out into the woods of Wisconsin for the weekend with only their cameras, food/liquor, and the amazing resort. The goal was to highlight a single place, seeing how each person would experience the same location while creating truly unique content. Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn Wisconsin was the location for the #StyleSeekRetreat, a private camp that has been painstakingly curated with vintage and authentic items that truly take you back in time. The list of photographers that attended the Retreat include:…

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