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40 years later these girls recreated their teenage road trip…

in 1973 four girls hit the road on the most epic road trip they would experience in their entire lives. 40 years later, they revisited that road trip by way of a nostalgic excursion to camp wandawega. As I we were pulling into camp last weekend, we caught them packing up their cars, their stay with us had come to a close. I could see from across the parking lot that they had a big stack of vintage magazines- (always intrigued by anyone who brings vintage magazines to stay a stay with us, i had to get nosy and see…

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HGTV episode now airing (Camp W tour)

This was a fun little visit from the fine folks at HGTV. They came to visit us last winter, we gave them a tour of the grounds, and a lengthy history on the place. It’s now on air, and running as part of a series featuring folks that have converted old buildings in to homes.  Tune in to HGTV to the show ‘you live in what’ or itunes to download the season episode.(And check back – for when i can find the exact show link!) Some information about the show: “A ferry. A train depot. An ice cream factory. With…

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the last line of this story made me cry.

Which is more than a little embarrassing, given that I sit in an open-cubed newsroom style office –and I’m making a mess of my keyboard and mascara.But sometimes you just can’t help it. Today is one of those days. Thank you, Jourdan for the lovely story.You are always, always welcome back. here is her story.

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the lakehouse: WE GOT INSIDE. I am blown away. ITS A TIME CAPSULE.

I didn’t know if we had just walking into the Moonrise Kingdom house or onto the set of the Notebook… but we’ve been utterly seduced. Typically, lakehouses are stripped of their character by layers of bad 80s wallpaper and new formica countertops. This one shows very clear evidence of nearly a century of a family of lake lovers.  (Thank god)  (I’m not gonna lie, it made me really sad to see so many generations of summers and family memories – all coming to an end with the sale of this house…. I met Mrs Hann last summer and she is…

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Forgotten Chicago- Snappy Service Station restaurant.

     I drive by this everyday.A few weeks ago we noticed that the facade had been stripped, revealing a gorgeous 1930’s enamel- tiled original front.And a beaming sign that readsSNAPPY SERVICE SYSTEM5¢.A little google digging reveals:Forgotten Chicago research department went to the Newberry Library to go through Chicago white and yellow pages from 1925 to 1959, looking for “Snappy Service System” restaurant locations. The Snappy Service System restaurant recently revealed at 1141 North Ashland was curiously not listed in any of the phone books examined.  Following are the Snappy Service Systems restaurants listed from 1934 (the first time these…

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