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NEW map!

Our friend Jon Oye drew a new map for Camp Wandawega. Jon is a dear long-time friend of ours- a full-time illustrator @ Ogilvy Chicago, and a long-time camper at Camp Wandawega. He has an amazing talent for illustration– especially with fine line work. Check out his blog here(and scroll down to see samples from his baseball series. I’m a little obsessed with them).

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Alice Pattullo

Came across illustrator and print maker Alice Pattullo the other day. Her work ranges in use, but always has the same layering and feel. Controlled sometimes, but most of the time she really utilizes every space to create an organized chaos and in some cases, a message. Check out more of her work here.

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Camp Pendalouan maps: then + now

I love maps of summer camps. There’s such a sense of wonder and discovery at a camp, so their maps end up feeling more like treasure maps than regular road maps. Actually, maybe a treasure map is a bad analogy since it’s not really about showing you how to get somewhere so much as it’s about showing you where you are once you’ve already stumbled upon somewhere. It’s fun to be able to compare old maps to new ones. I love to see how the illustration styles have changed and it’s interesting to look at how a camp’s layout evolves…

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Visual identity: Camp Henry

When I was little, some of my friends went to a short session of camp every summer at Camp Henry in Newaygo, Michigan. When we were looking for a camp to host our wedding, this was one of the first places I contacted. It didn’t work out (because it’s a dry facility) and we ended-up at the incredible Camp Pendalouan. In April of this year, I came across a brochure for Camp Henry–so well-designed that I held onto it, despite having no need for the actual information contained inside. My favorite part is the large map but the whole thing…

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