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NEW map!

Our friend Jon Oye drew a new map for Camp Wandawega. Jon is a dear long-time friend of ours- a full-time illustrator @ Ogilvy Chicago, and a long-time camper at Camp Wandawega. He has an amazing talent for illustration– especially with fine line work. Check out his blog here(and scroll down to see samples from his baseball series. I’m a little obsessed with them).

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We made a huge mess. For a huge cause.

Some days (at the dayjob) we get projects designed to bring awareness instead of sell product. Recently I had a good day at work- we were given the opportunity by one of our clients tocreate an act to bring awareness of the plight of the dying corral reefs… To do this,we got up at 3 am (bless you-Mattie) and dumped 7000 pounds of abandoned fishing nets on oak street beach.Then filmed the reactions.To tell this story. THE NUTSHELL:You know those square carpet tiles that FLOR makes? Interface is their parent company- they created  ‘Mission Zero’- a promise to eliminate any negative…

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ADVERTISING AGE: “Women to Watch”

This should be titled “OGILVY Women to Watch“– because of the creative women of Ogilvy Chicago who are making it happen. As I’m typing this, I am peering over my computer at the amazing estrogen-driven creatives sitting within 10 feet of me. DONNA CHARLTON-PERRIN. Group creative director.Mother. Best creative writer in the world. ALLIE ARMSTRONG. Art director.part of the illustrationcorporation.com, huggies co-conspirator & model.and adorable + sick talented. CARA SUGLICH. Copywriter.And creative writer with an amazing voice- and contributor to Camp Style AMY GOZALKA. Art Director.funny as hell + crazy inspiring creative. MEGAN EVANS. Assoc Creative Director.Mom, Creative, wonderwoman. BIANCA REGGI. Art…

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a good day. at the day job.

sometimes we get to do meaningful things at the day job. last week was one of them. @ Ogilvy, we were given the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of women and children, and families in Africa– by way of designing a support campaign of film, digital, and a gala in NY for the James R Jordan Foundation All to fund a program called Diamonds For Africa… a movement to collect donated gems to finance the building of a hospital, roads ahd programs  in Africa. (all through the Kenya women and children’s wellness centre) the MISSION video…

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