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Friends with Benefits.

AKA: friends with cameras. Meet Garrett Cornelison. Again. When he rolled in with the ‘why we rescue’ crew of Theron Humphrey and maddie the coonhound recently, he captured some sweet little moments of Charlie. This type of bartering rooms-for-art is what we are all about. Our door is always open to ya’ll!   garret and a shot he got the night he shot these charlie images.a storm rolled in over the lake….

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TRUE STORY. and life lesson.

Our dear friend Nathan Michael posted this recently on his instagram feed: “Last week someone hacked & closed my Instagram account. They tried to rob me of the community I share with each of you. After 5 days of silence, I truly believed it would all be gone. During that time I was reminded what the Instagram community is really about: Us. The stories we share. The way we capture life & preserve special memories. The new life long friendships we create by being intentional to connect with others. The support we give our communities at whole. They could have…

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