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an afternoon at home.

Our friend bob stopped by this afternoon for a coffee.  Camera in hand, he roamed around and grabbed some scouting shots for an upcoming shoot.  I love his eye. Fast. Easy. Honestly lit. (We stare at the same things every day, and he sees them entirely differently) Highlights: Jack + Angela on the stairs! Charlie’s lowrider (thanks, wills!) and our $alvation army couch Long live thrift store furniture !!  (where most of our stuff if sourced from) Check out bob’s amazingness: coscarelliphotography.com

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nathan michael rocks.

How do you get a thousand likes for an iphone shot of a butcher block? by being nathan michael. check out his feed and his tumblr and his blog and his tweets and his facebook page He arrived at the house at 10 am. By the time he left at 1pm, he had 1500 more followers on his feed. (His work is so beautiful that Instagram put him on their suggestion list). He shot some stuff around the house, some of the new (secret squirrel) camp project, and we drank alot of espresso. Stay tuned for a collaboration later this…

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YAY!it just hit the stands 🙂charlie as a brownie breaks my heart.i mean, who knew they made baby moccasins that were this adorable??thanks to everybody who helped !!pick up the latest copy of MIDWEST LIVING magazine. or download it on zinio.

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one of the coolest things weve seen in a long time…

Amazing vintage mug shots from the sydney justice and police museum— discovered on the blog twisted sifter. we did a similiar photoshoot (to emulate the style of prohibition era mugshots) when we shot the series to promote the WANDAWEGA MAPLE SYRUP. this earlier post  had some of my favorites- we shot with our friends eric ellis and tyler peterson: it is also part of the inspiration for the story in CAMPSTYLE magazine (we dug up some old shots of gangster roger touhy for the story of his Wandawega visit)

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to those who MAKE and INSPIRE

sometimes you meet folks who are so gifted and productive in life that they make you feel like you are standing still. (how do they manage have families, a social life, and open up businesses before even hitting 30?) shops like fleur. buckshot sonny’s. the indo projects. stone blitzer. sparrow. threefold. goodbeerhunting. the green bean. post27. the post family. winter session.  bladon conner. suitorlife. land and sea dept.(far too many to continue listing, so i’ll have to do another series of posts on inspirational folks that we love) it blows my mind.and motivates the hell out of me to get off the couch. we’ve been blessed with…

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