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I am so happy that Scofflaw came to town. It is quickly becoming one of the best cozy gems in the city. The atmosphere is dark, warm and lodge-like with a twist of modern through the accents of wallpaper and lighting. Scofflaw has great food and great drinks. I love how simple and straight forward the menu is. There are only a handful of items, but what I have tried has been delicious! The drinks, for you adults, are outstanding as well and they even make their own Gin, called Old Tom Gin, that is in a beautifully designed bottle….

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4 Million Dollars Will Get You Your Very Own Camp!

I mentioned this in my counselor intro, but I have to reiterate: Camp Wildwood is for sale in Topanga Canyon, CA!  And has been since late 2011.This camp needs LOVE!  Even its sign is begging for a hug…or at the very least a couple of nails for cry eye!  Honestly, I don’t know that much about Camp Wildwood, but I check often to make sure it’s still available even though I could never EVER afford it. I first saw the camp listed for upwards of 6 million bucks, but now the price has dropped to just under 4 million, so gather your…

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meet hillary & michael.

a pair of crazy talented creatives in chicago (hillary /  michael), whose style i covet beyond words. they (almost) got married in our backyard 🙂 we are so happy that they shared some pretty amazing photos with us of their summercamp wedding. i heart every freaking detail–from the feathers on their invitations to the propping of the tables. congrats, kids. well done!! here is their lovely booklet invitation… a fantastic spread by their photographer steven michael can be found here! [image credits: Steven Michael Photography]

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a wandawega wedding invitation

our new friends lindsay and bobby are getting hitched.  in our backyard. literally. they’ve made this awesome save the date.(+ website and blog) heres an excerpt from their invite blog that descrives the venue… Wandawega. Camp Wandawega. Learn it, live it, love it. Prior to even getting engaged, the number one, most important, super critical, non-negotiable aspect of our future wedding was that it be held someplace that could function on every level. As lodging (for at least a hefty chunk of guests), as ceremony and reception sites, as a place for people to just lounge about and catch up…

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