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40 years later these girls recreated their teenage road trip…

in 1973 four girls hit the road on the most epic road trip they would experience in their entire lives. 40 years later, they revisited that road trip by way of a nostalgic excursion to camp wandawega. As I we were pulling into camp last weekend, we caught them packing up their cars, their stay with us had come to a close. I could see from across the parking lot that they had a big stack of vintage magazines- (always intrigued by anyone who brings vintage magazines to stay a stay with us, i had to get nosy and see…

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in the make

I came across this fantastic project the other day and wanted to share it with you! Photographer Klea McKenna and writer Nikki Grattan started In The Make in 2011. ¬†They travel around and visit artist’s spaces and document their experience. They strive to bring the real to the art that we see and buy everyday and to expose the realities of life for artists striving to make it in the world. Every week they post a new studio visit. Their site and journey is a beautiful and enlightening experience. Check out more here!

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DETROIT top 10….

we road- tripped it to Detroit a few weeks ago. and took the advice of our friend Megan (of designtripper fame) for what to see, where to go, where to stay. she was the right person to ask. here are the top 10: 1. HONOR & FOLLY– best inn in detroit! 2. ASTRO COFFEE– most adorable java house in town. 3. SUGARHOUSE– right next door to Honor & Folly & Astro! amazing mixed cocktails. beautiful interior. 4. SLOWS BBQ. michelin star. beautiful space. a long wait and worth every minute. ¬†5. SIGNAL RETURN. insane group of folks making gorgeous letterpress….

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