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to those who MAKE and INSPIRE

sometimes you meet folks who are so gifted and productive in life that they make you feel like you are standing still. (how do they manage have families, a social life, and open up businesses before even hitting 30?) shops like fleur. buckshot sonny’s. the indo projects. stone blitzer. sparrow. threefold. goodbeerhunting. the green bean. post27. the post family. winter session.  bladon conner. suitorlife. land and sea dept.(far too many to continue listing, so i’ll have to do another series of posts on inspirational folks that we love) it blows my mind.and motivates the hell out of me to get off the couch. we’ve been blessed with…

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StyleSeek. breaks down campstyle DNA.

in a nutshell: think pandora for mens shopping. brilliant.  in an article for GQ, they rave about Ryan  (our friend and Camp Wandawega fan) Ryan Plett of [you have broken the internet] swung through the GQ offices last week to give us a rather exclusive preview of a new destination for dapper guys: StyleSeek.com (Plett serves as the site’s creative director). StyleSeek mixes web and blog content (like posts from the Eye) with links to e-commerce, and access to products from hundreds of brands, large and small. It’s an interesting new way for guys to shop online. So when we…

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