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“Greasy Bacon’ is his name. and he’s a Sign Painter

We had seen his work on boats everywhere.He’s an old-school original. He letters everything by hand and a can of one-shot.So we were happy to hear that he was game to come pay us a visit to camp and letter on site for us. He started with the door of the canned ham trailer.And this week, he’s doing the doors to the fire truck (check back to hear more about this new toy!)

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A sign painter at heart.

Sign painting as a craft has a special place in my heart. I grew up with a sign painter mother.So from junior high on- learning the craft from her…lettering everything from pickup truck doors to store windows in the farm town of 5000 I grew up in.(Beardstown, Illinois). I learned enough to talk my way into a job at $6.50 and hour to work for Weatherford Signs in Carbondale, Illinois. The shop was- and is in some respects one of the best in the midwest, and was considered ‘sign school’ at the time.It was at the end of gravel road in…

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