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sneak peek…

another (different) secret shoot that we can tell you more about later. but—– HAD to share a behind the scenes peek at one shot they wanted to get (a ‘american gothic’ sorta thing with the camp counselors) thats all we can say. for now.

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sneak peek. the camp store brick n mortar….

because we love to shoot + share the work in progress part of everything… heres the souvenir-shop-in-the-making that we spent saturday assembling! it will be housed in the old lodge (circa 1922- the entrance is the chapel.   which is so perfectly ironic, given the lodge’s history of being a speakeasy and brothel. here are a few work in progress shots. we started throwing it together saturday afternoon. thanks to our girl angela finney hoffman at post27 store for the fab display case & mirror! things will continue to evolve as we go… but its a good start for a…

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