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A sweet cover story, hot off the press.

I don’t consider myself a ‘writer’ by any stretch, I just like to tell stories.  So I was surprised (again) when the fine folks at Sweet Paul magazine took a shot in the dark and let me write my second feature story for them. The first was our Tasty Nugget recap). I have to say, it was a fun weekend–  I got to work with 3 dear friends of mine & filled the pages with friends who didn’t mind smiling for the camera. It was perfect weather, and an amazing afternoon. It’s shoots like these that make me think ‘will I look back on…

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my favorite food magazine SWEETPAUL just featured Charliegirl’s first birthday party in their FAll 2012 issue. Featuring recipes for mushroom cupcakes, friends and family– and of course the girl of honor… Charlie Alex. i cant believe you are almost two! thanks to:brittany, dominic, and ben for modeling!check it out here and buy the hardcopy issue at West elm and Anthropologie

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