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glossed and found!

Glossed and found shoots an episode at camp- breaking rope swings, check out the full episode here from G&F: “The perfect weekend getaway, Wadawega is like summer camp from days gone by—and most of the furnishings are actually that retro. Owner Tereasa Surratt shows us around the Wisconsin camp grounds and we get nostalgic while relaxing, canoeing, shooting arrows, and taking shotski’s (did we mention this is a stylin’ summer camp for grown-ups?). We know exactly where we’ll be spending our summers from now on: see you in Elkhorn!”

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found: vintage footage

….or an amazing short film tour of camp via our friend karen @ roamandhome? from her site: This short film is an express tour of camp wandawega located just outside elkhorn, wisconsin, usa where everything is vintage found free or flea. directed by: roam and home shot by: roam and home edited by: roam and home music by: ella fitzgerald & louis armstrong ‘they cant take that away from me’ more on our dear girl KAREN  “Australian [Melbourian to be exact], living in Chicago with her Michigan born super star photographer husband. When at her day-job she is organizing, conceptualizing and…

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Glossed & Found- in the house!

i have a crush on a boy named graham.and also on his crush (and partner) fran. never how a cuter couple graced the grounds- last week they came to camp to shoot an episode (or two!)for GLOSSED AND FOUND. we did all things camp (but im not gonna give it away just yet)stay tuned for the episode links when it hits. in the meantime, check out his blog— i like to read it just to live vicariously.

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PREMIERE (sorta) the Camp Commercial

Finally! weve been wanting to do this forever. –and got a little kick in the butt when we agreed to donate a weekend camp package for a charity event (more on that soon). Its a love story of all things camp and the couples who love the outdoors. HERE IT IS- YAY! thanks to: jill vanc -editor erik law- film bob coscarelli, jacob hand, matt gore, – photography jack johnson – music! models – jane, matt, will, heather, terese, krissy, frankie, the golden girls, and all our friends

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