Introducing The Wardrobe Department & The Game Room


Step inside the new GAME ROOM.

Wandawega was padlocked multiple times by the Feds during Prohibition (they confiscating the slot machines & the booze, landing the proprietor in jail).

There are 2 rooms in the old main lodge just off the bar that people could only access by passing through a series of consecutive locked doors. This is one of those rooms.

By the time we took over, the church had converted it to a bedroom 50 years prior, so we’ve just kept it that way. We thought it was time to return it to its intended purpose, gambling & booze. We don’t have a liquor license, so guests bring their own (hit up the beer van when you check in for a Hamms or Schlitz on the house). Like most rooms here, there are a thousand hidden details that nobody will ever notice or care about.

Visitors won’t know that the little boy in the 1915 panoramic hanging above the door was my grandfather (a pic that had hung in our church basement). That the 1940’s gambling wheel on the wall came from a Michigan Catholic Church basement (pic 4 upper left). The Bingo cards span 7 decades- collected for the past 30 years. The painting of Abe was my mom’s HS art project. The case is stocked with vintage clay chips & card decks.

It took us 35 years to decorate this room (we’ve been squirrels gathering stories for decades to hang on these walls) We’re excited to finally open it’s doors again as a communal space for the first time since it was padlocked. Check out a game to take back to your cabin or play it in here. It’s about time that folks play a hand & have a drink without having to hide from the feds.

(stop reading if you aren’t a DIYer or don’t care about preserving history or money)

– MCM poker table ($90 craigslist)

– 1910 oak table pedestal as a base ($50 FB find)

– circa ‘20s Thonet-style chairs (picked from neighbors trash)

– Display case & oak pub rail from @deconstructioninc (installed shelf lighting)

– Scroll to the video at end for how we sourced 100 games.

– Clad walls with period pressed-paper Anaglypta

– Behr match to Farrow & Ball “Duck Green” (shade of Mallard’s neck)




The Wardrobe Department :.

For those of us who remember the scene in Dirty Dancing where the resort staff bring wigs, costumes for cocktail-fueled dress-up afternoons. Or the backstage theater costume department scene in Moonrise Kingdom…

This is for you. (And us, because we’ve got a shopping addiction bordering on hoarding – and this HAD to be stocked).
Sharing the first of a few posts this week of some of the things guests will get to try on (last pic here is the growing inventory).

We’ve started with mostly vintage mixed with some custom masks, some of our fav Moonrise characters, historic characters and a menagerie of woodland creatures.

Since most folks already use camp as a stage, we want to give y’all a hand.

FOUR FAVS COSTUMES to try on for size:
1. 1940 girls out troop leader
2. Moonrise raven
3. The Hunter bear
4. Fantastic Mr Fox