Reese Witherspoon’s HELLO SUNSHINE ‘Creative Women series’ segment!

  ** some exciting news thats been in the making since last year **  

HELLO SUNSHINE new female stories shorts

REESE: “We’ve been working hard to change the narrative for women and be a platform dedicated to female storytelling, and are so excited to share the site with you. All the most inspiring, empowering and engaging stories 

We are so thrilled to be part of the first 6 featured stories on female empowerment & creativity A series created by #ladyboss, mother of 3 goddess  Reese Witherspoon’s HELLO SUNSHINE series.   In a time when women need to support each other more than ever, role models like  Reese are our much-needed beacons of light & inspiration.  I am so humbled (and if Im being honest, a bit teary) for our  7 year old daughter to get to see a little slice shared  alongside the company of such beautiful inspiring ladies. She can’t  fully appreciate what is happening in the world right now with the #metoo & other movements—  but someday she’ll look back and understand that we are in the midst of revolution. 

Our full story, shared by Reese & co airing soon. 

Reese’s “Handmade*Mostly” series teaser trailer: