Solemn Oath Brewery x Camp Wandawega

In a sonic collusion of frothy euphoria, Camp Wandawega and Solemn Oath Brewery unleash a libation symphony that’ll rattle your soul, man. This cream ale is a resurrection of pre-prohibition grist, a gritty riff to the halcyon days of American brewing, evoking whispers of that elusive, creamy, farmyard-fresh flavor. The noble Saaz hops pirouette upon your tongue, their earthy whispers serenading your palate in a cosmic dance. It’s a brew that’ll transport you to the bespoke wonderland of Camp Wandawega, where the air is thick with the ghosts of legends past and the promise of unbridled creative freedom.

The Beer:

Beer flavored beer in a 30 BBL batch that drinks like a good American lager, but is not a lager. A target ABV of 4.5% and a mild perceived bitterness. Pilsner malt from the Bighorn region of Northwestern Wyoming and Southern Montana and only Saaz hops, a noble hop of Czech origin used by traditional European taught brewers like those that made Milwaukee famous.

Unique Ingredients:
  • Rahr Standard 6-Row.
  • Well Water from Camp Wandawega.
  • Carbonation from spunding.