The Canteen

The new canteen is now open to guests of Camp Wandawega!

Does anybody else find zen in working on the tiniest details?

Fonts from the ‘30s.
Sourcing paper handle coffee cups from the ‘60s.
Finding, then rubber-stamping half “peck” apple bags, making custom sugar cube packaging, napkins, stirrers, vintage newspaper retail displays, creating guest room custom menu postcards.

I’m finding that sometimes focusing on the detail and process of design is better than meditation.

Or maybe I’m just going crazy.

But if it’s the latter – I’m ok with it.
‘Cause the tiniest little grocery store at camp might be my new favorite spot.

Can’t wait to open its little screen door to the outside tiny patio when this snow drift melts (that is currently 4’ up blocking the door).

What should we stock in here?
Anything you remember from childhood that you’d want?

In our tech & trend obsessed reality, we found a little life hack: looking back to artifacts of a simpler time reminds us that their are things that get better with age. Nostalgia reminds us of longevity.

Could be that’s why we’re seeing brands from PBR to Wheaties go back to their roots.

But what we’re really obsessed with is finding those who never changed at all, who embraced who they were from the beginning, didn’t feel the need to “improve” over the years by reinventing their face on the shelves.

They stuck with their OG labels, riding out waves of trends (there is a quiet dignity in it).

Zoom in and “shop” our shelves & let us know what we’re missing. Any obscure brands who haven’t “improved” themselves over the decades?

We’re still building out shelves for the other side of the room, so we have space to fill. The century old marble, oak and curved glass display case was a gift from @finney____finney. (The brass trim pastry case on top is as old as the camp, too – FB Marketplace steal for $100).

Plus, we also just love the hunt.

Also, if you’re obsessed with old labels like we are – check out @purveyors_of_packaging – and be prepared to lose hours today down a nostalgia rabbit hole. It’s our favorite way to get lost.

By spring, we want to have the new Wandawega Canteen full of things that transport our guests – one Turkish Taffy at a time.

Photos @bobcoscarelli