Can I rent a single cabin?

This may sound strange, and it is, but as an outcome of our agreed upon “Conditional Use” for the zoning we have, we don’t rent out the small cabins by themselves. So, instead we encourage folks to recruit a friend or another couple to be able to make use of the pair of side-by-side cabins or the three bedroom cabin. The intent is that you’re not just renting a cabin, but you’re enjoying your own “self-guided family camp.” I warned you this would sound strange. As much as we’d like to be more flexible, we’re abiding by the conditions placed upon us by the good folks of the township and county. They want to make sure we don’t try to become a “road house” that rents to any ol’ walk-ins. Not that we ever would, but these are the sort of conditions they place upon us to make sure that this remains the case in perpetuity. Hope you can understand!