House Manual

Hi Campers, We are grateful to be the stewards of Camp Wandawega and excited to share it with you. The first thing you should do when you’ve booked a stay is read our “Manifesto of Low Expectations.” After you’ve ruminated that, either cancel your booking if this isn’t your cup of tea or buckle up for some Wandawega adventures. You already know that our place isn’t fancy, but if you’re planning on bringing other campers with you, please make sure they know too. A PREPARED CAMPER IS A HAPPY CAMPER. Make sure you and your campers have explored our website to learn more: scroll down to the bottom of this page to check out the deets on the food situation here and also see our little list of what we suggest bringing with you.

Camp Wandawega already has a rich history – come and add to that history and make some golden memories while you’re at it. Please keep reading for some details about your stay.

CHECK-IN/ OUT TIMES: Check-in is anytime after 3 pm. Let us know your ETA (and if you’ll be arriving at once or at staggered times). We need everyone to sign a general release and an activity waiver – they will be included in your Check-in Clipboard that you’ll receive upon arrival, but we’ll also share these with you in advance so you have adequate time to review them (and ask any questions) before you arrive. Checkout is at 11 am, but you can stay on the grounds longer as long as everyone is out of your cabins/rooms by that time. You’ll receive an Airbnb message and/or text on your checkout morning, with detailed checkout instructions (but basi­cally it’s Smoky Bear’s golden rule “leave it like you found it”.

PARKING: You’ll pull into our main gravel parking lot (by driving under our Camp Wandawega entry sign) and you can park anywhere in that lot.

WIFI: We encourage folks to unplug while they’re here, but we do have weak wifi, if you must.

HOUSE RULES: 1st rule (says Smoky Bear) “Leave it like you found it.” We’re on the National Register of Historic Places. Every room is special (old) and all of our buildings are special (old), so treat them with respect so we can keep this special (old) place going.

– No smoking indoors, properly dispose of all butts
– Quiet hours (details in your welcome packet) after 9:30 on weekdays / 10:30 on weekends
– Clean up after yourselves as you go (keep our communal spaces clean please)
– If you move anything on the grounds, please move it back before you leave
– No recreational firearm use or fireworks
– Any “day guests” have to be pre-approved
– Please wash dishes before leaving

ACCESS TO THE CAMP WANDAWEGA LODGE SPACE: Our main room in the Lodge is one of the most historical and iconic spaces at Camp Wandawega. Please be mindful that it’s also the main living space for owners David & Tereasa – and their family – when they’re here. This is a space best experienced with a handful of people – it’s not meant to be packed like a sardine can. This means no single group can monopolize this space – if you walk in and it’s full you’ll need to come back when it’s free. On days when the family isn’t lodging there for the night, it can be used as a communal amenity from 10am to 10pm. When David and Tereasa are at Camp it can be used on a scheduled basis. Please leave it as you found it. Also, the bar in the back, along with the adjacent rooms, are private and there are no restrooms open to the public in this space (you’ll need to use the restroom in your lodging). If anyone is acting recklessly in this historic space we will respectfully ask you to leave the lodge. THANKS.

WANDAWEGA GUEST CANTEEN: Another amenity is the Wandawega Guest Canteen which can be entered from the Chapel (East) side of our Lodge. You’ll be able to enjoy complimentary coffee and purchase basic groceries. See the signage within the space for details on purchasing. We will have this space open for grocery needs throughout the day and will have coffee most mornings from 8 – 11 am, or as posted. GUEST CANTEEN AVAILABLE FROM MEMORIAL DAY TO LABOR DAY, or as posted.

WANDAWEGA CAMP STORE “pull, pack, and ship” room: In the basement of our main lodge, in the original rathskeller gambling hall, you can find command central for By arrangement, we can open this space for you to browse and shop the last morning of your stay; we normally aim for 10 am. You can find the store through the door marked PRIVATE under the green and white awning on the rear lake-facing (South) side of our main lodge.

YOUR KITCHEN: Our kitchenettes aren’t set up for gourmet cooking. Each space will have a (small) fridge. Some have tiny vintage freezers. They’re stocked with very basic supplies, but typically our guests bring coolers for drinks and food storage. If you’re in a Camping Cluster, get ready for a rustic experience. You are up in the woods with a few coolers and a grill. In our vintage spaces, the coffee situation is a vintage-style percolator. Most spaces will have access to both a charcoal grill and a propane grill (we provide the propane, and if you forgot the charcoal, no worries, we’ve got your back). Check out our Airbnb guidebook or this page for a few suggestions for local restaurants.

TRASH/RECYCLING: Under the sink in your kitchen you’ll find plenty of trash can liners so please replace those when they get full and leave your full trash/recycling bags outside of your exterior door; Camp staff will come by to grab those.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Our Treehouse is a favorite communal spot. There’s a maximum of 4 people allowed in the upstairs portion of the Treehouse (it’s plenty sturdy but we want it to be around forever). We have life jackets in the boat shed near the lake. Our policy is everyone on the lake wears one. Every person in all situations has a duty to exercise ordinary care for his or her own safety and take precautions to avoid injury. If you have a toddler please bring your own floatation device; super­vise your children at all times. We also have athletic equipment in our Sports Shed by the big field; feel free to use anything in there but please put it back when you’re done.

EMERGENCY INFORMATION: In case of emergency, Wandawega Hillhouse is N6995 Sycamore Lane and Camp Wandawega is W5453 Lake View Drive, Elkhorn, WI 53121. Please call 911 if necessary. If you need anything else during your stay, please send a message through Airbnb, or directly to whoever has been designated as your contact person. If your cell phone is not working, there is an emergency call box (with a rotary dial phone) located on the front porch of the main house/lodge that can be used to dial 911.