Chris Connelly Recording Session

The landscape at Camp – including natural hollows and kettles – makes for pretty good acoustics. With that in mind, native Scotsman, former member of Ministry and The Revolting Cocks and founding member of Fini Tribe, Chris Connelly came to Camp. He brought with him a crack band culled from Califone, Joan of Arc, Town & Country, US Maple and other Chicago jazz and improv luminaries. The Episodes, Connelly’s eighth full-length solo work, was produced by Joan of Arc’s Tim Kinsella and Town & Country’s Ben Vida. Recorded on location at Camp Wandawega, in the Summer of 2006 and finished at 4 Deuces Studios, Chicago.

“A bold new album, The Episodes, came to light in 2007 on David Tibet’s Durtro Jnana label with again the assistance of Tim and Nate Kinsella, Ben and Adam Vida, Josh Abrams and a flurry of additional musicians. Recorded largely at Lake Wandawega resort in rural Wisconsin, the disc highlights more long-form musical performances with a campfire jam feel, sans the predictable cliches regularly attached to it.”

More about the album can be found here.