The Elegant Farmer

It’s (finally) happening! We’ve been working all winter on our new ”Provisions Program” to launch this spring season.

Anybody who’s been here will warn you that we don’t have an in-house chef. Nobody has, or ever will deliver a cheese flight with wine pairings to you in your tent. But we’ve secretly always wanted to have a way to offer our favorite local foods to guests. So we’ve designed something a little more our speed:

Our new “Camp Culinary” partnership, curated crated and delivered to your cabin. .

We’ve got a favorite neighbor just up the road that goes by “‪THE ELEGANT FARMER‬”. We always send guests there to get their provisions. They started in 1946 as a family dairy farm, selling their fruits & vegetables…. now known for their Farm Bakery & Kitchen, Deli & Produce,  and “pick-your-own“ apples. They are celebrated for their specialties: CiderBaked Ham, Fruit Applesauces & Crisps, full bakery with Fruit Breads, Gourmet Sauces & Blue Ribbon Cheeses.  But they’re most famous for their ”Best Apple Pie in America” (says @bobbyflay @wallstreet.journal , Gourmet and The Food Network)

They have an inspirational story for many – because they are proof that doing something right can make you an overnight success. (That and 70 consecutive  years of doing something right). They‘re still open every day year round, because that’s what farmers do. We love their humble roots as a grocery store that still stocks all the local award winning specialty food from others makers.

We’re launching soon with all the details of our program but for now we’d like to share some behind the scenes:

You shop from our new camp broad-sheet newspaper, place your order for the “Wandawega Picnic” before you arrive, and your apple crates are delivered for you:
Featuring 30 of the best, regional award winning meats, cheeses, bakery goods and snacks for campers. (A few shots here of some of the local favs that will be included)