Souvenir Shop

Camp Wandawega Souvenir Shop

The Wandawega Souvenir Dispenser

Welcome to our little throwback tchotkis stand. Dispensing a curated offering of souvenirs you won’t find out in the wild.

Inspired by a trip to the Wisconsin Dells, where the main drag is still lined with the original tourist shops, hawking little souvenirs of a by gone era and route 66 mementos. We’re bringing it back old school with little reminders of your visit with us.


The Goods

Everything has a story. These little gems have some pretty great ones.

No. 1 Packaging


In accurate historic fashion, all souvenirs come packaged in authentic cheap white boxes, sealed with a fancy silver-embossed seal & include a certificate of authenticity (really).

No. 2 Corncob Pipe

Corncob Pipe

A favorite of professors, hillbillies, hipsters, posers, poets, country-western singers, and snowmen alike, the corncob pipe has never been uncool. Not when the H. Tibbe & Son Company was founded in 1907, nor when the company became the Missouri Meerschaum Company and created the pipe, nor any time since. This shirt-pocket sized model features a wood-finished corncob and plastic tip for a truly ironic experience. 3.5″ long.

No. 3 Cedar Pocket Knife

Cedar Pocket Knife

The boy scouts are notoriously well-prepared lot, and they owe their reputation mainly to trusty pocket knives like these. This “whittler” model, with a lovely “Wandawega” engraving, is considered a stellar starter knife, with a blade, file, scissors, and absolutely no bottle opener or wine cork whatsoever. Not without an ID. 2.75″ long. Affixed with a key ring attachment.

No. 4 Souvenir Spoon

Souvenir Spoon

If Thimbles aren’t quite your speed, you might be cool enough to collect souvenir spoons, like this little beauty, a Wisconsin demi collector’s spoon. If ever there was a Golden Age of souvenir spoons, it was in the years after the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, where every new expo, fair, and event was an opportunity to craft new cutlery creations. We think it’s due for a Renaissance. 2.75″ long, silver plate finish.

No. 5 Travel Fishing Kit

Travel Fishing Kit

Hook, line, sinker. This kit’s got a classic red and white split bobber and a few feet of fishing line to get you started. Also features the original Eagle claw 155A gold finish hook that doubles as a hat bill, money or tie clip (if you can actually use this hook to catch a fish, you get huge bragging rights). Night crawlers strung below the bobber are a favorite bait for the blue gill population at camp.

No. 6 Rabbit’s Foot

Rabbit’s Foot

Some carry pennies found heads-up. Some comb their backyards for four-leaf clovers. With one lucky Rabbit’s Foot, you can leave all that silly superstition behind, and enjoy its potent protective magic as you face the ever-increasing threat of Murphy’s Law to modern life. In the 1940s, you could pick one up from the Johnson-Smith Novelty Company mail-order catalogue for just a few quarters. We promise they haven’t lost their value since. 2.5″ with a key ring. Variety of colors.

No. 7 Baby Deer

Baby Deer

If you can’t take home an actual adorable baby deer (and we don’t recommend it, especially if you’ve got hardwood floors), this Hagen-Reanker porcelain miniature is a fine substitute. The legendary California line of animal figurines was born after the owner made a little duck for a Brownie troop touring her pottery factory. They’ve been hand-made, and ridiculously precious ever since. Comes with a certificate of authenticity from the original Hagen-Renaker kilns.

No. 8 Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet

This sort of wallet has traditionally been given to young sons by their fathers since the 1950s, after those sons realize how much fun holding money can be, but before they stop thinking cowboys, Indians, and black bears are cool. This one’s got an awesome black bear on the outside, so we won’t blame you for keeping it for yourself, though. Standard bill sleeve with an additional pocket, brass snap closure on lined coin sleeve.

No. 9 Porcelain Thimble

Porcelain Thimble

It’s never too late to become a digitabulist, the official title of someone who collects thimbles, which is, apparently, a thing. And this collector’s edition, white porcelain thimble with our noble Wisconsin flag inset will make any coin or stamp collector look like a real loser.

No. 10 Fishing Lure

Fishing Lure

An indispensable part of any fisherman’s tacklebox, the Mepps Anglia lure has been popular for almost 70 years. Hand-made in exotic France and Wisconsin, and detailed with solid brass beads, black and white bucktail, red string, and natural hair, it’s sure to attract fish of all personality types and sexual orientation.

No. 11 Camp Whistle

Camp Whistle

You’re not a fully-prepared Scout Leader without a classic whistle of your own. You just never know when you’re going to need one for sport, safety, annoying friends and strangers, or (most common in our case) for calling Frankie the camp mascot back to the yard. Chrome-plated. Comes with cork ball and 18” leather cord.

No. 12 Leather Moccasin

Leather Moccasin

As post-war Americans took to exploring Eisenhower’s new highways, they came across resorts and souvenir shops featuring traditional handmade goods, including Minnetonka moccasins like these. Only big enough for actual feet. Full-size Minnetonkas are still a staple of American style, 30 family-owned and operated years later. Women’s Size 0 (2.5”).

No. 13 Motor Hotel Key Fob

Motor Hotel Key Fob

Once standard issue at every roadside motor hotel since the 1940s, these classic key tags marked the true road warriors and motel masters apart. Plus, drop in any mailbox, and postage is guaranteed! You don’t get claims like that every day! Custom engraved with individual room numbers. Standard key ring attachment.

No. 14 Lapel Pin

Lapel Pin

Pay homage to the legend himself with this authentic Smokey the Bear pin. Smokey made his debut in 1944, after he was rescued from a 17,000-acre wildfire by a kindly game warden and started stumping for the conservation cause. Only you can honor his efforts fashionably on your lapel. 0.5”, gold finish.

No. 15 Pocket and Purse Mirror

Pocket and Purse Mirror

Before the dawn of selfies and snapchats, these compact mirrors were kept in purses and pockets at the turn of the century. With photos of friends, family, or sweethearts on one side, and a little mirror on the other side, it’s perfect for checking your rouge. We’ve put a lovely 1920s Wandawega vista on there for you, since we know it’s close to your heart. 2” around.

No. 16 Embroidered Patch Kit

Embroidered Patch Kit

Some campers have to earn patches like these, but you can have them without starting your own fire (please, do not start fires at Camp). They’re old-school, sew-on style, based on original Boy Scout merit badges from 1908 Britain, and featuring the Camp Wandawega logo or Smokey the Bear. Both look great on a denim jacket. Circle patch, 1.5” around. Smokey patch, 2” tall.

How does it come out of the machine?

Packaged like an authentic 50’s souvenir. In a cheap gift box. With a “certificate of authenticity” tucked inside, wrapped in a cute little ribbon. And sealed with a foil embossed anniversary seal on top. You’re welcome.