Bunk House Bunk House

This building, as the name suggests, was the guest rooming house. Built on three levels, each with its own separate entrance, it cascades down the hillside towards the lake’s edge. The top floor features a communal parlor at the end of the hall. Back in the days when this building was a brothel, it’s not hard to imagine the Johns sheepishly walking down the long hallway to take a look at the selection of ladies available for the evening’s comfort.

Starting around 1951, the compound goes legit as new owners turn it into Wandawega Lake Resort, a modest summer getaway. Perhaps our favorite feature of the Old Hotel is its diverse variety of Congoleum Gold Seal Art-Rugs. You can go your whole life and never set foot on a vintage sheet of Congoleum Gold Seal, but here in the Old Hotel, just about every room is decked out in a decorative linoleum carpet.

The Bunk House is available to rent in three capacities: top floor only (6 guest rooms, parlor, kitchen, bathrooms, showers) mid- & lower-floor only (6 guest rooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, showers in building next door), or the whole building.  Click through here for the rental listings: top level | mid & lower level | whole building

Bunkhouse: Top-Level

Bunkhouse: Mid & Lower Level