Cedar Cabin Cedar Cabin

This cabin is actually green. Tereasa only wishes it was cedar. It’s one of the outbuildings that was part of the original Hotel Wandawega compound. In old photos, we see that the entry was originally a screen porch. But at some point, that was walled off to make for extra sleeping quarters. Also, we see that the cabin was sided in asphalt shingle siding, which has since been covered in 4×8 sheets of wood siding. I imagine there’s traditional lapsiding hidden beneath the asphalt shingles, and someday we hope to peel away the outer layers to reveal the original core.

During the Latvian years, this cabin was the domain of the Strods family. We’ve heard stories from guests who stayed here prior to the Strods family. One couple recalls being awakened by a rhythmic, shaking motion in the early morning. They discovered a cow was scratching her backside on the corner of the cabin. Remember, at Camp Wandawega, you are never alone.