Teepee Teepee

Also known as The Tipis. You get the idea. Whatever you call them, they’re another opportunity to be momentarily transported to another time. These modern canvas recreations of classic, timeless Native American designs are nestled in hidden clearings on a bluff overlooking the lake and wetlands. For our Native American friends the tipi was durable, provided warmth and comfort in the winter, was cool in the heat of summer, and stayed dry during heavy rains. For us on the other hand, none of the above is true.

We offer them up as a place for our guests to hang out, lounge, and take a few photos. Like the Boy Scout Campground, once in a while we’ll hear from hikers who have wandered in from the other side of the woods, stumbling upon our vintage campground. They momentarily fear they’ve accidentally travelled through a tear in the space time continuum. To see where they came, read on.