*PLEEEASE NOTE* we took these snapshots of our baby girl in her toasty little nursery in 30 seconds per shot :)- (i promise that we didn’t leave her there, mom ๐Ÿ™‚
just couldn’t resist trying a little anne geddes while shes in this adorable 4 month size.

the mamma who decorates her baby with laundry while she sleeps inspired me this afternoon. charlieface was a good sport, we managed to get three shots of her on the sunporch before she started to complain…

“balloon charlie”
a stack of plates (balloons)
pile of towels (hills)
ball of twine (balloon strings)
a couple hankies (birds)

“sailing charlie”:
pile of sheets- diff shades of blue (water waves)
yellow tablecloth (windsale)
other: lifering, lifejacket, flag
hankies (for birds & fish)

“clothesline charlie:
rope (clothesline string)
pile of clothespins
some baby dresses
one very patient infant….