We love partnering with brands! Here are some of our favorite case studies and projects:

StyleSeek Apartment 9 Buick USA Warby Parker Class Trip Trunk Club x Wandawega Threadless Soho House Rooftop Takeover Penfield City Flea

Brand Collaborations

A number of brands have used Wandawega as a backdrop for marketing efforts. Some even put our name on the covers of their catalogues or on their wool blankets; others just pay us a visit to shoot & write about it. In any case, we always enjoy the company.

Graduate Hotels and Camp Wandawega Camp Wandawega for Nod Collection Ural x Camp Wandawega Sportsman Adventurer RandomHouse Faribault Woolen Mill “Storied Explorations Collection” GANT & Camp Wandawega SS15 One King’s Lane Anthropologie & Tatine Muk Luks x Wandawega

Product Partnerships

A collection of brands that have partnered with Wandawega to create product lines or use camp as a backdrop for their marketing shoots.

Band Camp VICE for APPLE at Camp Where social distancing is a way of life Wandawega Newspaper New: Wandawega Campstore is Live! A Camper’s Guide to Winter at Wandawega Camp Salondawega Sportsman Weekend Sanborn Paddles

Case Studies

Camp Wandawega is a creative community, built on our collaborations with brands, organizations and companies that we admire. Here are a few of them.

Camp Wed Forever Tree Book Launch Camp Wandawega for Nod Near North Montessori Wandawega Art Camp Summer Daze Glossed and Found Episode Tour VICE for APPLE Anthropologie Found Free & Flea


Over the years, we’ve had a considerable amount of filmmakers grace the grounds and create all sorts of moving pictures: Music videos. Short films. Indie films. Brand films. Network episodes. Event films. You’ve found the home of all of them.

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Camp and Music: they go together like campfires and campfire songs. From videos, to recording sessions, to band press photos, to live events, music has always been an integral part of life at Camp Wandawega.