Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get in touch?

For brand collaboration, press / shoots,marketing, advertising, social, partnerships, influencer inquiries, a brand looking to book a creative retreat, please email
If you’re looking for advice, a mentorship, you can book here:

If you’re a neighbor, would like to speak to the owners please email
If you are an individual interested in small group rentals, please visit Airbnb to learn more.
(It’s DIY, first come first serve – if you still have questions, email
If you’re an individual interested in an all-camp takeover (like a wedding or small retreat) please email

2. Can I have my wedding at Camp Wandawega?

Yes, we do occasionally rent all of Camp Wandawega for folks to use for their own “self-guided” events, family functions, weddings, reunions, etc. We do this on a two night only basis, not one day/one night.

Our grounds can relatively easily accommodate functions with up to 125+/- guests for an event/ceremony/reception and @ 45-50 overnight guests. (There are plenty of nearby traditional hotel, motel and B&B options for accommodating additional guests.) We simply lease the property as a landlord; we do not provide any event services ourselves. That’s good news: this means you’re welcome to use whichever event services company, caterer, bartenders, etc. that you’d like. Please note: we can’t do tours without an appointment, as we have to arrange a day/time without conflicts. Our process is VERY informal. There is no formal application or application fee. We simply meet folks, ideally at Wandawega, do a tour, discuss the realities of events at Camp Wandawega, and if we don’t scare you away, we pencil you in for a date, work on a draft lease for your review, then we finalize the lease and take the initial deposit. For a look at past events, do a Google image search for “Wandawega” and you’ll get an unvarnished, unedited peek into many past events. If you’d like more info, please email and we’ll get back to you with more details.

We only do exclusive “all camp” rentals, whereby the wedding party and guests have the whole place to themselves for the lease term. From past experience we’ve learned that the intimate nature of such events doesn’t allow us to do smaller weddings on only a portion of the camp. The other guests end up feeling like intruders and it’s not fair to them, I hope you can understand.

Press, shoot, brand partnership, & creative retreat inquiries please contact

3. Can I have a company event at Camp Wandawega?

Our grounds and facilities can easily accommodate functions with up to 125 attendees and 25-45 overnight guests. We can account for up to 50 guests, but that will require more folks to double up/share rooms. Please note: we simply lease the property as a landlord, we do not provide any event or catering services ourselves. This allows you to use any number of local vendors for event services, fish fries, pig roasts, etc. For company events we do require that you use an event company or rental company to get the appropriate event tent, tables, chairs, etc to suit your needs. Please keep in mind, we don’t have any large indoor spaces to accommodate large group meetings, so event tents are a necessity. For a look at past events, try Google image search for “Wandawega” and you’ll get an unvarnished, unedited peek into many past events. If you would like more information please email & we’ll provide you with some extra details.

Press, shoot, brand partnership, & creative retreat inquiries please contact

4. Can I rent a single cabin?

This may sound strange, and it is, but as an outcome of our agreed upon “Conditional Use” for the zoning we have, we don’t rent out the small cabins by themselves. So, instead we encourage folks to recruit a friend or another couple to be able to make use of the pair of side-by-side cabins or the three bedroom cabin. The intent is that you’re not just renting a cabin, but you’re enjoying your own “self-guided family camp.” I warned you this would sound strange. As much as we’d like to be more flexible, we’re abiding by the conditions placed upon us by the good folks of the township and county. They want to make sure we don’t try to become a “road house” that rents to any ol’ walk-ins. Not that we ever would, but these are the sort of conditions they place upon us to make sure that this remains the case in perpetuity. Hope you can understand!

5. Can I book the Tipi or Treehouse?

Unfortunately we don’t rent the treehouse, tents, canned ham or tipi. We simply leave them open to make them available for guests who are renting the adjacent cabins as  “hang-out” spaces/nature watching spaces. To learn more about cabin avails, please see for links to our listings on airbnb. That’s where you’ll find info about our standard avails. Our listings on AirBnB are the most current and up-to-date place to check for avails.

6. Can we come to Camp to do our engagement photos or a couples session?

Unfortunately, we no longer make Camp Wandawega available as an engagement shoot location. I hope this doesn’t sound too petty, but we have to be very careful about our brand and we’ve had a few past experiences that caused our organic social presence to be dominated by engagement/wedding imagery. Not that that’s truly a bad thing, but it’s just not our primary focus. We simply place more emphasis on the arts, cultural, charitable and culinary events that we host. I hope you can understand our position. Please note, we always welcome our guests to take photos of the rooms, the buildings, and the natural beauty of camp, just not in the context of couples sessions (unless it’s for a wedding that’s happening at Camp).

7. Can we use Camp as a commercial shoot location?

Long story short, yes. Our standard per day location fee starts at $2500, but all shoots are unique, so specific terms must be discussed on a case-by-case basis. This includes giving you access to all available buildings, grounds, sports equipment, canoes, rowboats, props, etc. As you probably know, Camp Wandawega is basically one big 25 acre prop house, as it’s all kitted out in vintage gear from top to bottom, inside and out. And it allows access to the lake, woods, campfires, etc. without the need for any special permits.

Our standard location fees do not include using the camp as lodging too. We recommend booking rooms at the nearby Hampton Inn in Elkhorn, for the comfort of crew and talent. And to make sure that more of the facilities are shoot ready, rather than occupied by crew/talent.

Of course, anyone staying at Camp is welcome to shoot to their heart’s content, as long as it doesn’t end up being used for commercial or promotional purposes.

Press, shoot, brand partnership inquiries please contact

8. Are you dog friendly?

While we have been pet-friendly over the years, unfortunately we transitioned to a “no pets” policy. Although we are dog lovers, the extra wear and tear has become prohibitive. And now that we’re listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of the Interior, we have to be even more careful about the ongoing preservation and renovation of the property.

9. Damn, you’re expensive for a no-frills joint.

We wish we could be more flexible on the price, however we are dependent on the limited rentals we’re able to do to fund the ongoing renovation and restoration of the historic property, as well as the numerous philanthropic activities, including Sunday Catholic Mass for the local community. Quite frankly we’re humbled by the current press and social media attention, and we don’t take for granted that the current demand allows us to command high prices; but we’re obligated at this point to make the most of the opportunity.

10. Do you do winter rentals?

Yes, we’ve winterized! Although the whole camp isn’t available for rental, the Bunk House, Lakeview Cabin, and Hillhouse are open and cozy through the winter months.

Our buildings do not have storm windows or insulation, but they do have heat. If there’s snow out, you’re welcome to use our sleds. The lake usually freezes over in December, so ice fishing and ice skating are a possibility too. There’s nearby trails for cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and hiking. Chances are we’d be able to give you access to the main lodge to hang out; it has a fireplace, darts, pool table, and a lounge area.

For a full list of winter activities in the area, check out our Wandawega Winter brochure!

You can find all available rentals on Air BnB.