top 10 reason to fall in love with THE LETTERED COTTAGE….

1. layla and kevin are adorable. (no, really. check them out below)
2. they have mad DIY skills (case in point- their kitchen- also below)
3. the rest of the world is already in love with them (20,000 blog hits a day ?!)
4. they dig camping (& hosted a sweepstakes for a copy of FOUND FREE & FLEA)
5. their blog (theletteredcottage.net)- is updated daily with DIY projects so inspiring I could die.
6. they are photographers. (and you know how much we love folks that shoot)
7. kevin extends his art to his arms. whats not to love about that?
8. the website is L.O.V.E.L.Y. 
9. they are opening their fab home to a new addition. adopting!
10. they share their spotlight with others that inspire them. full circle karma, ya’ll!