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‘The New collectors: The rise of the Curator Consumers’
Self-Expression and the Desire for Rarity
Curiosity cabinets and wall installations are the traditional modes of displaying personal treasures, but increasingly compact modes of urban living mean that contemporary collections are often spread out. The result is a shift away from static, formal collections to something more akin to ongoing interior conversations, relaying a greater sense of artistic aspiration throughout the space.

“Collecting is a means of expression for people who might not otherwise be artistically inclined,” says Surratt, whose own website bears the slogan: ‘Creativity is your currency’. “It gives them the opportunity to source unique objects of interest, arranging them as a conversation-starter in their homes.”

Surratt also believes that the appeal of modern collecting comes from the pursuit of rarity. “There is a certain degree of joy you derive from having something that cannot be purchased in the home decor section of a department store. It’s not just the thrill of the hunt, but the challenge of finding that very specific thing that I know I won’t see in my neighbour’s living room.”