Fancy Movie Folks Have Camp Weddings Too!

Pardon me if I’m getting dangerously close to “Celebrities: They’re Just Like Us!” territory, but I saw on the morning news that Matthew McConaughey recently got married and he and his bride did it up camp-style. There were games set up all over their “yard” in Austin, TX, hammocks were hung from trees for relaxing and 47 luxury tents were used for sleeping. The tents were decked out with beds, white fur rugs and outdoor seating with doormats.  While Googling this fancy schmancy camp wedding, I saw that Matthew (in addition to appearing shirtless on camera more often than not) had a vintage airstream trailer customized for himself a while ago.

Check out the back yard wedding set-up and the trailer below…

I spy a fur rug!
I also spy generators for air conditioning.  Nice!
You got a hammock for me?
It’d be a lot cooler if you did.

McConaughey with what he calls his “Canoe.”  I’m just happy to have found a pic of him fully clothed.