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Pierrepont Hicks was founded when a girl from Brooklyn met a guy from Minnesota. Now married, Mac and Katherine McMillan launched Pierrepont Hicks in 2009 out of a desire to make the perfect tie.  After planning their wedding in Scotland and researching bold woolen ties for their groomsmen, they wondered why the American tie brands were mostly silks.  They honeymooned in Croatia along the Adriatic Coast, and learned that the cravat was born there. The first collection of ties was well-received online, and it grew into a brand with a small but loyal following. Now in the 4th year, Pierrepont Hicks will launch a complete collection for Spring 2013 to include suits, jackets and pants… and of course – neckwear. 

We met MAC at the recent NORTHERNGRADE hosted here in Chicago.
and have friends in common…
met Katherine online when we hosted the Styleseek retreat….

even better: MRS. P HICKS.
the missus started her own line, which we love even more than the original: