ode to the canoe

Our friend, Jason Bitner, sent us this wonderful article on the sinful history of the canoe. Before kids had drive-ins and bowling alleys, they had canoes. Native Americans used canoes for transportation along trade routes. Canoe’s have been used for racing and for escaping the law.  

People have used canoes to fish, for sport, as a get away, for recreation and for travel and this write up maps out all of the facts. It’s a great read and as most of you know, we love canoeing at Camp Wandawega and really enjoy when we can find out the history of our activities that we have here.

Read the full story here. This article had me itching for the summer so I can sail away on the lake in one of our Wandawega canoes. There is something perfectly peaceful when you are rowing along the still water in a canoe. With the sound of the oars bumping the side of the boat and summer cicada’s and the cool breeze in your hair, exploring the more obscure places along the water.