Historical architecture inspiration.

There are more gorgeous houses, cottages, cabins and fishing shacks in Beaufort than I’ve ever seen anywhere else in the world. As always, pulling a few ideas from them to take back to camp… (sort of a holiday- interest board for future projects).

 Old ivy on masonry- nothing could be prettier.  Weathered cedar shingles. (Hmmm- possibly reclad an old bldg and make it a new sports equipment shed?)

The inside of a post office that was converted into a marketplace- their bathrooms where so simple + humble + perfect. Love the large del-style wall tile. (Maybe for the kitchen project this winter?)

This restaurant we stopped into was an old pharmacy- the buildings were built nearly on top of each other, staircases (and internal access) added later on.

One of the many historic buildings we visited- this one belonged to an ‘indigo  planter’ who’s crops were located on another island. (Now that I’ve seen this journal displayed in this house- it’s decided, the one we have dating back 60 years is coming out of the attic).