GIVING BACK. The importance of community.

Most of us take it all for granted. 

We walk by our local VFWs, historic buildings and cultural institutions and boys and girl’s clubs.

Behind every charity there more often stands just a small handful of folks responsible for doing most of the heavy lifting.

I forget this sometimes, and then something small reminds me to open my eyes to.

Recently, that ‘something small’ for me was the local Walworth County Genalogical society’s efforts on our behalf.

By chance, we ran into representative at the local Elkhorn library. We explained that we had very little documentation on camp prior to 1950, and did she have any leads? We’d spent over a decade in a quest for information, with very little results.. She said she would dig up what she could. No retainer. No fees. Two weeks later she emerged bearing a 50 page deck of history she had unearthed by way of sifting through over 80 years of microphish. She wouldn’t take any money, explaining that she felt it was her duty as part of the staff to assist the community in their efforts to piece together history. The only thing she would accept is a donation on behalf of the Walworth County Geneaolgical Society– we were more than happy to oblige. She is just one example of folks giving back to their communities with their time.

So in an effort to give back, we’ve made a commitment to do a better job of recognizing and supporting those who support us.

Camp Wandawega is proud to be contributing members of the following charitable organizations. Groups that help preserve historic landmarks & culture from a global level to our own backyard. Thanks to each of them for doing the sometimes invisible work that benefits all of us in some way if we remember to see it.

To learn how you, too can support these organizations, click their name below to find their memberships & donation links.

black logos page



world monuments fund



National park foundation

frank lloyd wrigth preservation trust 

National trust for historic preservation 

VFW donor



old world wisconsin foundation

wisconsin historical society




walworth county historical society

walworth county genealogical society 

walworth county economic development alliance

walworth county tourism



elkhorn chamber of commerce

City of Elkhorn parks & Recreation sponsorship

Elkhorn “Friend of Scouting” Glaciers edge



wandawega lake association



catholic charities