ANNOUNCING the URAL Camp Wandawega Sportsman’s Edition

ONE LITTLE KNOWN FACT: David & I are both bike folk. Our first date started out as a conversation over a fax machine (I was ordering parts for my Honda for VTR 250). A passionate discussion about 4 strokes vs 2 strokes led to dinner, which led to a second date, and here we are 17 years and even more bikes between us later.

We’d spend our weekends riding or trailering them to far flung reaches of Michigan & Wisconsin. Ride every Toys-For-Tots in freezing-ass snow. We even took our very first trip to camp as a couple on our bikes (at the time, an NX650 & GB500). Years later, we still love to ride, but parenthood has made it a pastime of well, the past, for the most part.

But then we got a call almost a year ago. From a motorcycle brand we’d always read about (and dreamed of owning one day). URAL. The builder who helped put the sidecar rig on the map, and keeps it there to this day. The Creative Director asked us if we’d be interested in URAL designing and building a custom URAL “Camp Wandawega Sportsman’s Edition”. Well, hell yes.

We are already dreaming of road trips with Frankie (or Charlie when she’s a bit bigger) in the sidecar rig. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll let you in on more details including photos of the new edition.

Unlike many motorcycle fanatics, we’ve never been brand loyal to a particular bike make or model. We’re pretty much equal opportunity riders. (We’d ride just about anything, as long as we could find it cheap.) But starting this June 6th, we’ll be URAL brand evangelists for the rest of our days.

We’re thrilled to have our name on this bike, and can’t wait to introduce her to the world. Its a Limited Edition package, available on a custom order basis from URAL & their dealers.

For David, it started with taking a course. For me, it started with a tiny rusted mini bike. In the southern Illinois soybean fields where I grew up, my dad would keep us in a constant supply of Briggs & Stratton go-karts, mini bikes and all manner of dirt bikes, graduating us to more CCs as we grew in inches. We’re happy to tears to introduce Charliegirl to the lifestyle that helped brought us together in the first place.

Here are a few pics of past & current loves (including Charlie’s current ride, a vintage Suzuki 50cc).




Camp Wandawega has teamed up with Ural Motorcycles to create the ultimate adventure mobile for the Wisconsin backwoods.
The Sportsman Adventurer is a custom 2WD Ural Gear-Up featuring custom Camp W “Forest Fog” paint and blacked out engine with matching black trim.  To battle the Wisconsin winters, Ural applied ceramic coating to the complete underside and interior of the sidecar to withstand road grime, salt, and snow.
• Custom Camp Wandawega “Forest Fog” powder coated paint
• Blacked out engine, gearbox, and drivetrain
• Sidecar ceramic undercoating
• High visibility LED Headlight
• Luggage rack with custom designed riding duffel produced in Chicago by Defy MFG
• Custom Wandawega X Faribault Woolen Mills  camp blanket
• Custom seat and sidecar cover (Made in Russia) using water + fade proof marine grade fabric
• Spare wheel
• On demand 2WD, developed in the Siberian mountains, perfected for Wisconsin adventures.
We’re are SO. FREAKING. EXCITED to host the upcoming rally to launch this bike.
some of the deets: (Stay tuned for the film & full story)
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