48 hours in Wisconsin heaven: The American Club, Destination Kohler

We took a little excursion this weekend to Kohler. We love supporting Wisconsin destinations, especially those listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (And we needed to get away before opening season at camp!)

In 48 short hours, we hit the spa. Shot some skeet. Had steak in a log cabin. Tasted wild Boar in a stone lodge named after the original local American Indian Chief. Explored all the corners of a the original immigrants house (staying in the Billy Sunday room… where we were greeted by dark chocolate brandy, and a box of their own chocolate – which Charlie inhaled.). Found the most amazing latte in a century-old dining hall. Stayed in the 90 year old mens dormitory ‘American Club’. Visited a very happy lab pup in a sportsmens kennel with our skeet instructor. Hiked the trails around a gorgeous river in the woods. Stepped back in time in the factory where 4th generation craftsmen still create within the same historic walls. Took a tour of a 1930s Austrian house built for the Girl Scouts of America. Walked the grounds of the gardens with spring flowers just starting to peek out. Explored the rooms that Jonathan Adler & all of our design crushes created. Had (several) beers by the fire in a pub where the tables were made from a bowling alley. Toured one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve ever seen (and got so inspired, we decided to entirely rethink the interiors for The New Social House).

We brought grandma, grandpa and Charlie with, and have decided to make this an annual excursion.

A few snaps from our little adventure…more to come soon.

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