SIPPL’S MAPLE SYRUP…custom canned for Camp!

It’s here!

Our Camp Wandawega Maple Syrup, from the sugar maples of Wisconsin, (canned just a few hours north of camp at a family owned sugar bush in Burnamwood, Wisconsin pop. 800).

Finding these original lithographed cans was fun! The design dates back to 1951 (when canning syrup was a new method)… some of our design inspiration shown below.

In an effort to promote it to farmers, Quebec’s Ministry of Agriculture held a province-wide call for packaging designs.

This winning entry went into production and has been lithographed ever since. Production today is streamlined with state-of-the-art tubing systems, jars, bottles and tins – but we worked with a local Wisconsin partner who was able to get the original canning machine so we could use these old school cans, and the original method.

Each of our cans are lidded by hand, just like they where in the beginning.

We fell in love with the detail: The can was originally designed to leave a blank spot where producers can affix their own distribution label…which is exactly what we did.

Ours label tells the backstory: Sippl’s Amber Maple syrup, specially canned for Camp Wandawega. The can is still proudly French Canadian. The contents are Wisconsin liquid gold.




“We have 4 children, 11 year old twins, a 7 year old and almost 4 year old. So we’re very busy during sap season.  Sap season in North central wi typically runs from mid march to mid April but depends all on the weather. We need to have warm days and below freezing nights for the sap to flow. It roughly takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup. We use reverse osmosis machines to take out about 90% of the water so it really cuts down on cooking time.”

We love supporting small local Wisconsin businesses like the Sippl’s family.

Our favorite details: With every can, we include our camp church key opener, and a cap to seal it after cracking it open.

(Save the can, we’re now using them now at camp for everything from silverware caddies to planters)



* Lithographed tin, made by the same Quebec company since 1951

* Customized with our camp ‘prohibition tax seal’ & stamped.

* Linen bag (with some camp swag)

* Leather tie camp souvenir church key opener

* 18oz. of Amber Grade “liquid gold” canned for Camp Wandawega by Sippl’s 


visit SIPPLSSUGARBUSH.com for more information on everything they provide:

from their site, their story:

“We have been producing pure maple syrup for generations, and take great pride in our history and our products. From industry leading syrup equipment & supplies, to bottling and labeling, we are your one stop, family owned, shop. Come to or contact Sippl’s Sugarbush all your maple producing needs.”


…and here are a few photos of their facilities & process: