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unique thrift. worth it everytime.

I had $26  and 30 minutes at the unique thrift up in Lincoln Square neighborhood: WHY I LOVE THIS JOINT: Charger & amp; matching plate from England- $5 Antique (new old stock ledger with leather binding) $2 2 1950’s faux wood trays $2 Assortment of vintage kitchen utensils: $5 Hand knit angora 50’s sweater: $2.90 6 decks of retro cards: $3 Herringbone wool throw: $4 Vintage thermos in mint condition: $2 This is why it is physically impossible for me to drive by one of these if their lights are still on. Thanks, unique. see you soon.

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The filthiest, scariest flea market in the world…

…is also where you find the cheapest swag. CASE IN POINT: the flea in Prague and one in Vienna, Austria. I found….  …the above beautiful hand carved black forest oak frame. The hand-inked label is still on the back (does anybody read Czech?).  And the matt board is completely intact (with embossed details). It only cost $20. I found a stack of WWII maps, backed onto linen and individually hand labeled for $3 each. (I’m thinking about making a huge wall installation with these at some point). I got some handmade table runners in the most beautiful hand-spun linen. The dealer said…

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