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REAL SIMPLE magazine

This was a fun interview we did for one of our favorite mags for their “Real life strategies” section. All about entertaining. (Makes me want to throw another party.) Sadly- it didn’t run 🙁So what the h*ll, might as well share it here 🙂Makes me miss winter!! WARM HANDS, WARM HEART. For the ice rink parties that we host on our lake, I love greeting friends with a basket full of vintage hand knit mittens and scarves- folks relish the opportunity to  swap out the standard issue for something old and handmade and I always pair it with a toasty drink-  spiked…

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10 Questions For A Wisconsin Sportsman – Bill

Bill Sargent is the property manager for Camp Wandawega. He’s the tent-pitching, boat-repairing, arrow-finding, tour-giving, fence-mending, wood-splitting, fishing guide — patient man.We sat down with him (in his copious spare time) to find out where hes from, what he’s into, and how he makes his venesin sausage so damn good.  1.  HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN HUNTING?  I like to hunt deer with my bow. WHATS YOUR BIGGEST BAG?  a 10 pt buck taken down in delevan wisconsin.  2. WHATS THE LARGEST DEER YOUVE TAKEN DOWN AND WHAT WAS THE TAKE? I processed 100 lbs of meat into: jerky, sausage…

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