Announcing The Wandawega Dept. of Objects

(AKA, the in-house prop library). Created to assist photographers, producers, brands, and photo stylists who have a deep-seated desire to recreate the glamorous midwestern lifestyle from the 1920s to the ‘70s, This prop house is an exercise in curating the absurd. Need a rotary phone to sit onto of your 1940s ice-fishing tackle box? Of course, you do. Because nothing screams authenticity like a maniacally color-coded hoard of Midwestern outdoorsman nostalgia. This is the place where a 1950s Hudson Bay coat marries an MCM coffee grinder and have many surprisingly attractive babies. Buckle up for a journey through time, where we take your shoot from “meh” to “where on earth did they find this thing and what is it?” You’re welcome

Find the D.O.O. website here.