Introducing The Hickory Canvas Cabin Camping Cluster

The Hickory Canvas Cabin Camping Cluster is our most secluded offering – a spacious canvas cabin perched on an elevated platform in the woods, along with 3 old school G.I. pup tents. It includes a seating area with couch, lounge chairs, writing desk, and a small reading & game library. Don’t use the word “glamping” because there’s nothing glamorous about Camp Wandawega. Before booking, our “Manifesto of Low Expectations” is required reading.

+ SLEEPING ACCOMMODATIONS: Sleeps 5 total in one full-sized bed & two singles, plus 3 additional camping units. (Technically there’s room for 10, but we’re keeping the headcount down to make this a more intimate option). Although the canvas cabin has all bug-screened, zipped-down windows, you are still sleeping in the woods. We suggest keeping it zipped closed at night to keep bugs at bay. Also BYOB (Bring Your Own Bugspray). Your beds come made with our standard camp-grade linens, pillows, and blankets. If you require 100 count Egyptian cotton sheets, then bring your own. The G.I. camping units are BYOB: Bring Your Own (sleeping) Bag. And check the forecast: if the weather calls for it, bring your cold-weather gear.

+ AMENITIES: There are only a few. Two full-sized (and old school) coolers. A few interior lights. A couple of solar lanterns. A water cooler. A record player (and a handful of old-school albums). Upon check-in, you get the standard-issue camp towel per person, and a bar of soap – other than that, you’re on your own, campers!

+ CAMPER’S PATIO: A few steps down the short path from your camping cluster is a private outdoor dining area that includes the basics: A table for 4, a propane grill (with a few grilling tools to get you started), a private campfire pit. Pack like you’re coming to camp. With prior arrangement, we’ll schlep your gear up to your camping spot & back down again when you are ready to check out.

+ LATRINE & CAMP SHOWERS: A rustic trail leads to a private port-a-potty stocked with Mrs. Meyers. (Running water nearby at outdoor spigot). The communal shower building is a short hike away on the main campground. The latrine is new & kept clean, not at all like those scary ones at music festivals.

+ DECKING IT OUT: Too much information, but for those who care about this sorta stuff, the full bed features a late 1800’s 7-foot tall hand-carved mahogany headboard, and it’s topped with Pendleton Woolen Mills pillows. The singles are circa 1940’s metal beds salvaged from a Michigan camp. The great folks at Old Hickory custom-made the leather & hickory sling chairs, which are paired with a vintage leather sofa. The “deck” floors are layered with vintage rugs and cowhides. (Thank you for leaving your boots at the door, campers!)

+ PRICING: $400 per night, 2 night minimum, via Airbnb.