Wandawega Newspaper


Hot off the press (*gulp*… finally)
“Wandawega Tales & Trails”
Our little camp newspaper, issue No.1.

This little labor of love has been In the works since last November. (It takes an embarrassing long time to make little things like this when you’re as small as us & can’t afford to hire it out or in-house marketing team)

The Camp Culinary Program rollout

The new ‘Camp Excursions’ programming

The new ‘Camp Excursions” programming

The just launched ‘Camp Counselor Series’

Local road trip attractions spotlights

The grounds attractions roadmap

Center fold poster ‘Camp barflies, 1950’

We learned that to print actual newspapers the old fashioned way, you have to commit to thousands. 😳 so we’re gonna be these away ‘till we’re all raisins. They also make great kindling, rabbit house bedding, and TP if you’re camping and desperate. (We just hope they get used for some functional purpose)

There are people who do things for others out of generosity and goodwill. For us, these are those people:
Walworth County Historical Society staff for helping us sort through every Elkhorn Independent newspaper to find ads for business that are still in business- still offering wares to the locals 60+ years later.
Jon Oye for the illustration ✏️. + Brad/Ash for correcting our endless typos 🙏

We look for excuses to support small local business like us- so when we found a second generation family owned newspaper (in a tiny farming community downstate by hometown) so we where excited to give them our (albeit small) piece of business.
The last shot here is Astoria, Illinois where “KK Stevens” newspaper printers is located. The Owner’s name is Tom Stevens and he helped us get this thing on press, even though he couldn’t been worth his time in dollars- even with us paying full rate- it’s heartening to know that there are still shops out there who will still take on little jobs for other little businesses.