The Treehouse made a Belgium coffee table book!

Can anyone translate German? (we never thought we’d see this)

A Belgium coffee table book “BAUM HAUSER”  just showed up in the camp mailbox this morning, with a little chapter of our treehouse in it 😊

Many folks don’t know why our treehouse is called ‘Toms’.The Daily Mail summarized it pretty succinctly : (link on profile)
“Camp owner builds three-story treehouse in memory of her father, who christened the camp by hanging a swing on that very tree just before his death”

It was a nice surprise to see the story of what he inspired show up in far flung pages like this book- ( a beautiful reminder that the things we build for each other are what creates the most lasting impressions.)
So while we don’t know what these words in their book actually say – they say everything to us. .
When you visit Tom’s treehouse next, we want people to know why it exists, who dad was. (In the last photo of you zoom in, you can just make out the tree behind dad and I on the day David and I got married here).

Dad was too damned humble to have ever admitted it, but I think that would have gotten a kick out of seeing this little story about giving broken things a second life.

Story here.
first photo: @bennettyoungco