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Tasty Nugget

“How Camp Wanadwega filled our bellies”- DAILY CANDY. This is what happens when you mix Michelin star chefs with bourbon. An epic party of "The Tasty Nugget." . Conceived, Co-hosted and shot by Nathan Michael.

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“The art of camp cooking”- KINFOLK MAGAZINE. A renowned chef. 40 dinner guests. A brewery, a winery, a great time had by all. Watch the film recap and read the story.

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The lovely people at Threadless borrowed our space to introduce a full line of clothing with a multi-disciplined launch. Wandawega gave them more than a uniquely rustic locale—it gave them the elements to tell the perfect story.

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Art Camp

“Who’s who of the Chicago arts community" - CS. The annual gathering of artisans, makers and builders who share their craft, run workshops and get their camp on.

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