Counting blessings today for the supporters —- the advocates for saving the things others discard. Those who see light and hope where others see trash and uselessness. Those who can see the silver lining and help others see what they see// Feeling blessed to have spent a beautiful fall day In this state that we love- in this beautiful little township of sugar creek —- Shooting a feature story on a little resurrection project that is dear to our hearts (and was all but decayed entirely back into the earth) It’s a little reminder that nothing is too far gone if you put your heart into it. Some people call it gut, intuition, a little voice – but when we first saw this little rotten shack- all I could think of was that it wasn’t done serving its purpose- it may not have had most of its roof, walls, or any windows —- but there was something worth saving somewhere inside it. We all have something worth saving inside. // so thank you for those who help us see the bright sides, the future better versions of ourselves, and see it in others. /. ; bob Coscarelli of @thefrosthouse. #GOODVIBESONLY