CHRISTMAS JUST CAME EARLY (got home last night to find something special on the doorstep) …. and a split second later, watched Charlie as she paged through the new @thelandofnod to find the miniature versions of her world: treehouse, canoes… sleeping bags…. 20 years from now she may run across the plush version of her dog on ebay- or her childhood camp treehouse as a dollhouse at a second hand store… and will remember the real ones she grew up with. (Frankie, the treehouse… most of actual versions will be long gone by then) We all try as parents to give our kids the best moments & memories- as a foundation before they fly the nest. So Thank you to the folks of Land of Nod for this amazing gift for our family (and extended family of guests who come here) So much love to @chelleko chelleko @ttandemma, @laurie218, @_seana_ Barb Kramer, and all of the magical people who helped make these little memories last a little longer