Grew up in a household with family dealing with debilitating asthma… so we where happy to learn that folks are making progress the New York Times did a piece this fall about how a crew from @propellerhealth comes to camp each year to work on a solution. “Each year, we return to Camp Wandawega to recommit ourselves – to solve problems for people with respiratory disease and for those who care for them. -David Van Sickle, CEO, Propeller. This past year, the 70 team members came to build & launch a free service to the public Air by Propeller MADISON, Wis., 2017 /PRNewswire/ Propeller Health released the first ever (API) to provide local asthma conditions to anyone in the US who would like to share this insight with their audiences. Propeller has trained a machine-learning model on millions of days of anonymized data, including where and when people experience asthma symptoms and the environmental conditions at these times, to predict potential effects on people’s breathing. With the launch of Air, Propeller now enables other individuals and organizations to use its local asthma condition calculations to improve the health of people with chronic respiratory disease. story on today’s profile line & New York Times